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Our Bolts Around Calgary

Q: How do you safely suspend a Dodge® Ram® truck in midair?

A. Very carefully.

You start by calling Alberta Bolt Makers (ABM). You tell them you want to suspend a (2,600kg) truck from four cables from massive A-frames, and that you need some way of attaching the cables to the A-frames.

Alberta Bolt Makers asked the right questions, and then we manufactured the eyebolts and turnbuckles to safely meet the engineering specifications. The truck went up and stayed up, until it was won in a drawing (we had a ticket in the drawing, but alas, we did not win).

truck suspended by cables

Signs of Our Anchor Bolts!

You can see signs of our anchor bolts around Calgary – like the pylons in these signs by Sign Solutions. They used Alberta Bolt Makers’ anchor bolts in all these signs, and we’re very glad they did!

strip mall signs using anchor bolts

Our Bolts are Big in Joffre

Our bolts were used in the Joffre 2000 expansion, one of Canada’s largest industrial projects undertaken by NOVA Chemicals® at the Joffre, Alberta site. This world-class petrochemical facility produces feedstock for companies making plastic products like grocery bags, stretch film and mild pouches.

Joffre 2000 expansion


How Do You Tie Husky Down?

It’s easy to do when you use Alberta Bolt Makers anchor bolts in the construction of plants like the Upgrader in Lloydminster, Alberta.


If you’d like to use our bolts in your project, give us a call today.

Upgrader Plant in Lloydminster, Alberta
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